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How secure will my wig be?

Imagine yourself wearing glasses, how do they stay on?  How secure are they?  You will realise when trying different wigs which ones are a more secure “glove like” feel and those which are baggy and slippery.

How will i know if i have chosen the correct wig for me?

You should feel comfortable with the fit.  You should see you looking back in the mirror!


Human hair wigs

How  must the hair quality be maintained?

The hair should always be cleaned under running water and never placed in a water bath.

It can be cared for with quality products for damaged/permed chemically treated hair products.  It should be washed according to the frequency in which it is worn. This can be based on the care of the customers own hair.  Human hair wigs have no natural oils in them, so leave in conditioners are a must, to help maintain the elasticity of the hair.

At which temperature should the hair be blow-dried, straightened, etc?

This again can be based on the customers own hair. The temperature should be kept as low as possible in order to not strain the hair unnecessarily.

Can the human hair be coloured/ bleached?

Our collections offer a wide range of colours. Should none of these be suitable you can of course dye the wig, or highlight in the desired colour. Please remember any chemical process will weaken the already coloured hair. We recommend you take a test snipping to first see the end result and the quality of the hair texture after the colouring process to minimalize any mistakes!

Please note that the dye can affect the colour of the base.

How to Cut the Hair Properly?

If you are in the position that you have to cut the wig there is no limit. We recommend you use a

professional  to cut the hair.We have several we can recommend. Always make sure you have the hairline position in the correct place before cutting the fringe.  Its best to always leave a bit of extra length  that way you can always take more off!

Be careful not to damage the base when cutting with scissors.

Can the hair be back-combed?

We do not recommend to back-combing as it can permanently damage the hair structure.

Is it possible to perm a human hair wig?

In order for the hair to fall naturally beautiful, our human hair wigs have been given a natural wave. For this reason, we strongly advise not to apply a perm. If you have the necessary experience to do so you can use a soft perm, which will not damage the wig, this can be done using curlers.

How long does a human hair wig last?

To avoid friction we recommend not wearing a wig in bed.

How long a human hair wig lasts depends on various factors: how often it is worn, environment, work, environment and general crucial for the longevity of a human hair wig.

It will loose hairs over time.

The condition of the base, how taught the elastics are, this doesn’t differ very much if you compare it to a top class synthetic hair wig. Some customers may be heavier handed with their wigs than others. All of these things can affect how long the wig will last. Care for your wig as you would your own hair. Use products to prolong the life of your wig remembering that a human hair wig will not grow so the hair on them needs nourishing regularly to keep them in tip top condition. Use wax and serum, leave in conditioners to lubricate the hair and smooth the cuticle.

Do you have to protect a human hair wig from the sun or rain ?

A human hair wig is just as sensitive to sunlight like your own hair. The customer should be advised that sunlight stresses the hair and a natural regeneration of the scalp does not happen with a wig.  In rain or humidity, your human hair wig will react as your own hair would, it reverts back to its natural state.