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Radio Solent radio interview – Nick Gurdler show.

Do blondes have move fun?

Nick mused one day on air.  That might have been that, but you know what Gurdler`s like. He couldn`t let it lye. so he got the producer to haul in some willing guinea pigs to volunteer for the job!

Brenda from Southampton agreed to be blonde for the day.  Then Pauline from Christchurch rang up and said “look why can`t i be a red head for the day?”

`Let it be` said Nick, with a regal wave of the hand Natalie from Treloggan Wigs in Portsmouth was bought in to transform Brenda and Pauline, live on air…


nick gurdler



It was absolutely wonderful.  My partner absolutely loved it.  I walked in to the pub and he went `wow`.  And the barman loved it too!

I felt really good – really sexy.  Then i went to the school Governors meeting that evening and they were all absolutely speechless.

The ridiculous thing was the wig was 6″ longer than my own hair and red in colour; however they all thought i had it dyed!

People couldn’t believe it was a wig. i kept it as Natalie had styled it, slightly up at the sides, and it stayed on until 11 o`clock at night it was really comfortable. i forgot i was wearing it.

People said it really suited me and that i looked younger.  Nick asked me on air if i would consider dyeing my own hair red, but i would have to have my roots done every six weeks.  Apart from that i would quite enjoy being blonde one day then red the next with a wig!


I left Radio Solent wearing my blonde wig and went straight to Shop mobility, where i worked for a couple of hours. They were a bit taken aback and really thought i had a new hairdo` and a new image. They didn`t think it was a wig at all.

Then i had a committee meeting at home with the Towns Womens Guild, they all commentated on my new hair and asked where i had had it done! I told then it was in town and it cost an arm and a leg!.

One half of them genuinely thought it was my own hair, the other thought it was too good to be true.  I thought i was quite brave as i am not as extrovert a Pauline.  But i think a complete change of image boosts your confidence and self-esteem.

People did say it bought out the colour of my eyes.  i have always said i would go blonde when the grey starts coming through…but maybe i will do it sooner!


Postmouth The News 12/2/2010 appeal for wigs for Hospices of hope.

Thank you to everyone who has donated their unwanted wigs, scarves and turbans to this worthy cause, we shall still be collecting wigs and prosthesis for the patients at the Hospice Casa Sperantei in Brasov Romania.  It is an ongoing cause of which they are extremely grateful.