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I just wanted to thank you again for your time last week when you helped xxx with her hair and wig.  You seem so SPOT ON with how your customers may (or may not) feel and the stages they will go through, it’s a real credit to you.  Just as you would expect, we had a “hair loss” moment that same evening, it’s just as you get nearer the dreaded stage, isn’t it? 

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From a consultant dermatologist.
“I was most impressed with the colouring agent that you discovered as a cosmetic preparation to apply to bald patches of the alopecia and hide them, my patient has found that extremely helpful, thankyou.

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Hi there, my name’s XXXXX, I came in on Saturday with my sister and purchased my first wig. Just to let you know my 2 girls thought it was great and my work colleagues couldn’t believe how real it looks.  Many thanks.

Brill, thanks Natalie. Just to let you know, I wore my wig to netball for the first time last night and played in our leagues Spring League final. I played 2 matches all the way through as Centre/WA, so lots of running around. My wig stayed in place brilliantly. The girls all thought it was fantastic. And I was the only one with perfect hair at the end !!!!!!!!! Great

Mrs R.

Dear Natalie, thank you for sending me my first wig.  Today I am having a practise with it, as you suggested & have already impressed my sister and niece! You have matched the colour really well to my own hair, which is now disappearing fast!

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Mrs B

Dear Natalie, thank you for all your advice for my “blonde” experience on Radio Solent.  Mrs B. (Fashion)

Ward sister Bupa.

Many thanks for your expertise and kindness.  Our ladies really appreciate it!

Mrs H (Friend of Chemo patient)

I want to say thank you to you for the respect and dignity shown to my friend ******** and myself when we visited the salon for her wig fitting session.  ********* was really anxious and fearful, but everyone was so lovely, especially Natalie, who inspired ******** and gave her hope for the uncertain future she faces.  Yours sincerely Mrs H (Friend of Chemo patient)

From a client.

I would like to thank you for all your care and thought over the years I have known you, may God bless you and all you do for others in your own gracious way.  (Thinning)

From a client.

Thank you so much for your kindness and patience regarding the fitting of the new hair -piece replacement.  Please would you order me another?  (Patch hair loss)