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Who wears wigs?

There are a wide range of reasons why you might wish to wear a wig.

Those looking for quick and easy style changes – fashion is always a strong motivation, and why not. A hair style and colour change, or just a simple extension piece can make a world of difference – and one can feel extra glamorous in just a few moments.

Those ladies, children and gentlemen, who due to side effects of treatments for chemotherapy, radiotherapy or to the effects of burn scarring or other physical injury wish to hide or minamalise the affected area.

For those suffering from Alopecia, diffuse thinning or total hair loss it helps one feel more dignified and less self-conscious.

If you are unable to colour or perm your hair any longer, you may choose a wig to give you the look that you would have liked to create with your own hair but are unable to do so.

Hair can make you look younger, healthier, adding more colour to your complexion, adds more balance in proportion to your body.

It also protects your scalp from the effects of the sun, hair will still grow under your wig a sun burnt scalp will inhibit hair growth and thicken your scalp skin, making it more difficult for the hair to grow through the skin.

We supply wigs to Tribute bands, popular tribute acts include ABBA The Beatles, Queen, The Rolling Stones,Tom Jones,  so they can mimic the characters of the group.

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